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What I wait for, is the moment a couple open their invitation design and think, "Yes- this is us. This encapsulates our lives together."

Laura Rodger

Becoming a self-taught calligrapher and illustrator has been a life-long journey. From my school days, neat handwriting and my sketchbooks were the things that gave me an identity. The first page of a new pad, or a trip to a stationery store still give me the same sense of joy and anticipation.

Based in Altrincham, Cheshire, I have worked with couples from the UK and overseas to create highly personal, custom invitation suites and wedding stationery. From table plans painted to look like theme park maps, to ink venue illustrations - the projects which bring me the greatest sense of achievement are those which successfully pull together the beauty of the day you have planned, and the authenticity of your connection.

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